Peter Varga

Hi, I'm Peter. Navigating tech since 2005.

Managing Partner I lead the tech team at Vlabs Innovation. My job is to incorporate my tech know-how with business and people skills. As a strategic thinker and problem solver, I excel in fostering collaboration between cross-functional teams, driving innovation, and promoting a culture of continuous improvement. Our team uses the latest technology to help big companies like banks or energy firms achieve innovation goals. I'll share my project experiences on this page and how I keep my team performant and happy.
My path since the beginnings
I started building websites when I was just 14.
Then, I started my professional career a couple of years later, in 2005. Diving into freelancing next to my university studies and not just building websites but creating a service that helped real estate agents spread their ads across multiple platforms. I was making life easier for agents, one line of code at a time.

Then, I switched to an automotive OEM navigation system provider, joining the mobile app development team.

After getting my fill of GPS and routes, I circled back to Ruby on Rails, joining an Insuretech-focused agency and quickly climbing the ladder to become a team lead. I have a knack for leading teams!

Following that adventure, I put on my entrepreneur hat and co-founded Seamantec, diving into the niche world of software development for marine electronics, specifically for sailboats. It was like steering through uncharted waters but in the tech world.

Next up, I hopped over to another software agency, stepping up as the CTO. My days were filled with steering the team towards delivering various software projects, pumping new life into the development team, and occasionally playing cheerleader for the sales team.

Now, for an unexpected plot twist: I co-founded Blob Drinks Ltd, introducing organic kombucha tea to the Hungarian market. This adventure, however, had a bittersweet end - we went bankrupt after the product was ready and had received its official EU organic certification. It was a roller coaster of emotions, but hey, it felt great creating a product from scratch.

So, from tech wizard to kombucha king, and everything in between, my journey's been a roller coaster ride of challenges, triumphs, and a few learning curves in the bustling world of tech and beyond.

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